Viral Email Campaign Platform

The biggest problem for many Labour party supporters, climate campaigners and remainers is that the UK's majority right-wing media is mainly owned or controlled by wealthy individuals who tend to be anti-labour, pro-climate-damaging-business and pro-leave.

GrassrootsEmail aims to offer a free and easy way for independent journalists/publishers and campaign groups to spread their message far beyond the social networks ard to penetrate the fog of bias and dishonesty polluting the poltical and societal atmosphere.

Join the Affray, Get Sharing and Smash the Echo Chambers

Help spread the word of campaigners, activists and independent journalists beyond the Social Networks and among your friends and families.

I'm compiling a library of professionally created html emails for you to share with your nearest and dearest.

The hope is some of these emails will go viral with each email you send reaching a far greater audience than those contacts you sent it to.

Help take the mesage to people you feel need hear it. Whether that be your brexity Grandparents who spend too much time reading the Daily Mail, your right-wing parents who spend too much time reading the climate-change denying Telegraph or friends and family who are just not politically engaged.

About Me

I am a Digital marketer with almost 20 years in the Email Marketing industry and over the years have run some very large and succesful email campaigns for some very large companies.

I am a Labour supporter frustrated with the state of the media and wanted to give this a shot to see if it could help make a difference.